To pay for items on, you are not required to create an account with us. We accept all major payment methods as listed below.

To pay with G Pay, just make sure you’re using an Android device using Chrome Browser. If so, you’ll see the buying button automatically (same as below). You can pay straight from the product page or at checkout.

To pay with Apple Pay, make sure you’re using your Apple device and the button will show up (same as below). You can pay straight from the product page or at checkout.

All payments made on our website are provided by trusted Stripe and PayPal services, both of them will run fraud detection to keep payments safe.

We will never hold any details about your card ourselves, and you don’t need to be a registered customer on website to make an order, simply chose your most convenient method of payment.


We don’t work with 3rd party promotion or coupon providers. All discount coupons will be generated by us, and we will often provide them via email. In some occasions you might see a coupon offer on our advertising campaigns, and those are valid too.

We’re not held responsible for any coupon code not working, providing it wasn’t generated and provided by us. For each promotion we run, please read the ‘terms’ as it might be limited to a number of customers or set with a final date of usage.

If you have any questions, please write to


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